Monday, March 24, 2008

Alli's School Project Photos

Feel free to ignore this post...or scroll through for a trip down memory lane and some cool family pictures from the past few years!

Pictures from France:

"Shreddin' Alli" at Mt. Hood:

Alli "Longjumpin' Longlegs":

Track Finale Party with Friends Lily, Emily, and Hailey:

Summer 2007 Trip to DisneyLand:

Mt. St. Helens, 2007:


Souvenirs from Pakistan:

Alpha and the Omega:

2008 Basketball Season:

Rrooww (DisneyWorld 2008):



  1. Cool pix, Tots. Love the twisted face family pic.

    I tried to set up an RSS feed to my att/yahoo front page, and haven't been successful yet. Do you know if that's possible from blogspot?

  2. Oh, another question...

    What's with the dog pictures? Do you now own a dog or dogs?