Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ginny Turns Two!

After weeks of insisting that she was 2, 3, or 4, Ginny really turned 2 today! I woke up at 4:15am and thought for a few minutes about 2 years ago when Ginny arrived at 4:25am (then, I went back to sleep!).

Ginny's day started off with everyone singing Happy Birthday to her as we changed her diaper. At that early hour, she actually wasn't too thrilled about the whole birthday thing, but once we explained that birthdays meant cake, cookies, and toys, she perked right up!

She had her first party of the day at Amanda's, where she helped decorate cupcakes with sprinkles (and a few germs...poor thing has a cold). She got a lovely set of puppets that she has had fun playing with.



Then, it was off to her second party at home with the family. We had cake of course,


and lots of presents.

The birthday girl eating her cake with a spatula (who needs a fork anyway?!):


Aaron gave Ginny his set of legos and Chardy gave Ginny the first hat she knit on her new knitting loom.


Most importantly, we celebrated and gave thanks for having such a vibrant, sweet, and funny girl as part of our family.




The big Two Year Old:


  1. Ginny looks so good in the spot light. You got the best pictures of her! Tell Chardy that her hat is really cute. It looks like Ginny had a pretty good birthday...what a great way to celebrate her past two year and to kick off the year to come!

  2. My son turns 2 next week - he was also a 4 am baby (4:44am to be exact!) Yey for December 2006 babies!