Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Champion!

Over 1700 kids compete in CYO track & field. And, only 64 of the girls even qualified to compete in the long jump at the Meet of Champions this weekend. Alli was thrilled to be among that 64 (she was ranked 27th coming into the meet with a qualifying jump of 11' 2"). So, it was even more of a thrill when she set her personal best jump ever (improving by more than a foot from her previous best!). And, it was absolutely amazing when that personal best landed her on the podium today in 8th place. We were hugging and jumping up and down for joy when they unexpectedly called her to the award's stand. Check out her amazing jump (12' 6 3/4"):

And, her award ceremony:

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  1. You need an "awesome" section, not just cool. I was like, elated then. Not just "cool."