Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Joe Biden Hat

I happened to see Joe Biden being interviewed on TV today and it reminded me of something I always meant to blog about but never did.

So, a few years ago, I crocheted this hat for my daughter, Alli.

She wore this hat all the time. One day, she was at some event that then-Senator Biden was at. Of course, being a senator, he was surrounded by all sorts of people who wanted to shake his hand and chat with him, etc., etc.

But, here's where it gets neat: Joe Biden caught sight of Alli's hat from across the room, left the crowd of people, and walked over to speak to her. She came home that night all excited because "Joe Biden liked my hat and said his granddaughter would really love it!"

To this day, I think, no matter your politics, it was pretty cool of the guy to make a little kid feel special in a room full of adult bigwigs... Sadly, the hat itself is now long gone...lost at school a few months later...sigh.

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