Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Unexpected Day "Off"

Other moms may appreciate this throw-up story that is "too good" not to share. (The rest of you may just be grossed out, so feel free to stop reading here.) Let me preface the story by noting I made the kids a nice healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs and wheat toast. (These enter the story again later in a most spectacular fashion...)

So, we get to school in the "stop-n-drop" lane with the usual 3 minutes to spare before the bell. It's our turn for the kids to get out. The doors fly open; the kids start their daily scramble out of the van, when Ginny starts to throw up everywhere.

Since she's standing between her car seat and Chardy's seat, it gets on (here's where it is amazing, folks):
  • the floor,
  • Chardy's seat,
  • Ginny's car seat (and yes, of course, by that I mean both her car seat and the van seat),
  • Ginny's backpack (I threw that one away),
  • Ginny's coat,
  • Ginny's pants,
  • down Ginny's leg into her Ugg boots (the name really fits now)
  • and probably a few other places I am forgetting...

Consider this: We're in the stop-n-drop lane; the other kids are all shrieking trying to get away from Ginny and the puke, cars are lined up behind us...the scene was...rather funny. Anyway, 30 minutes later, after I cleaned all the throw up out of the car and Ginny, we are now back home for an unexpected day "off"...

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