Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is There Anything to Say Other Than "Sorry"?

My daughter's idea for the title...since I have been so lax at updating this site. It's really not that turning 40 got me into a slump, funk, or anything like that. It's just the usual busy-ness of summer, including but not limited to, a whopping 7000 mile cross-country road trip in the van with 4 kids! (Yes, we had an awesome time, and we are all actually still on speaking terms after over 100 hours in the car.)

Anyways, onto the real motivation for posting: Sock Summit 2011!!! I feel so spoiled that SS was once again held in the point of actually feeling a teensy bit guilty that we got to have such easy access to this fabulous event! Anyway, I spent far less this time around (seeing as I still have bags of yarn from SS 2009 that I haven't yet knit...that actually makes me feel even guiltier!). So, instead of shopping, I took two very cool classes.

The first was on Morphing Cables...this one I will admit was far beyond me. After explaining the "basics", the instructor told us to take it away and improvise. It was at that point that I realized all those people who flew across the country to attend SS were WAY better knitters than me, because I really didn't have a clue. But, it was still fun and the instructor was very entertaining.

The second class was on Textured Colorwork in the Bohus style and taught by Chrissy Gardiner. For those of you who aren't familiar with Bohus Stickning, you should just Google it and be prepared to drool over all of the amazing sweaters, hats, and other patterns from this cooperative. So, the class was really informative and at the end, I had my very own textured colorwork coffee cup wraps to show for it.

Next up, I'm thinking of something a bit more challenging, but not too crazy... At this point, I can't decide if I should follow a pattern or just make one up myself...

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