Friday, May 30, 2008

Great Wolf

Three words: What A Blast!!!!!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Great Wolf Lodge waterparks, they are a hotel/resort designed around water: waterslides, wave pool, water works, fountains, etc. On Mother's Day, Tim surprised me with room reservations at the lodge over Memorial Day weekend. I didn't think we would get to go this year, because the lodge booked up through the summer as soon as they officially opened in April (?). But, somehow we got lucky.

It was two days filled with hours in the water, and then after hours, the kids would play MagiQuest, an indoor scavenger hunt conducted with "magic wands" that would record whenever the kids found the appointed hidden objects.

Many fun-filled hours were spent on quests and adventures, and by the end of our stay, Aaron had done so well that his wand (affectionately named "Bob") made it to the list of "top players". The kids even earned their "Master Magi" credentials...

Ginny, on the other hand, didn't care much for Magi Quest (unless you count bonking people on the head with the wands), but she *loved* the water. All weekend long, all we heard was "wa-wa" "wa-wa". And, whenever we tried to take her lifejacket off, she would protest (ok, scream) very loudly. So, apparently, she had a good time too.

Even the hotel rooms were cool (how often can you say that about a hotel?). We got a "Kids Kabin" room which had a separate "log cabin" area for the kids to sleep in.

All in all, a wonderful family outing, and thanks again to Timo for planning such a fantastic family outing. After all, what more could anyone want for Mother's Day than to spend time with this awesome bunch?!


  1. We definitely did have an AWESOME time. My favorite things were the wave pool and MagiQuest. MagiQuest is like a video game except nothing is on the computer or electronics except registering. We got to become MasterMagi after a series of quests we had to take. The first one was the Dazzle Rune Quest, then Enchant Creature Rune Quest, Portal Rune Quest, and so on until you get to the very end and do two quests to become a MasterMagi. After the Ice Arrow Rune Quest (about half way through) you can start to do adventures like battling dragons and goblin kings, returning the pixies magic stone, and etc.
    The wave pool was so fun. The best part was finding the biggest swells and getting swept up in them. Some of the waves were so huge that Mom made us wear life-jackets. If you were in an innertube there was the risk of getting knocked over. However that only happened to like two people every time the waves would come back on. If you were a lone swimmer there was no such risk. However, many a time I almost got crushed and/or an innertube with people toppled over onto me. But that was all part of the fun. The risk. If you haven't gone there yet I would highly reccommend it.

  2. Great Wolf sounds awesome. What a blast!!!

  3. Great Wolf was awesome!!!!! It was really fun in the wave pool, but I almost drowned about 3 times. MagiQuest was definitely my favorite part, though the wave pool is really close. I can't wait for next time!!!!!!!!