Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Milestone for Chardy

Chardy celebrated her First Communion last Sunday with her friends, family, and her godmother, Aunt Mary. It was a beautiful ceremony, and despite looking rather scruffy much of the time, Chardy cleaned up pretty well for the event, wouldn't you say?

Chardy with her Aunt Mary: (who by the way, we LOVED seeing and really did visit for Chardy's First Eucharist, not just to escape all those earthquakes in Reno!)

Afterwards, we celebrated the big day at Salty's (gotta love their buffet...). As you can see, Ginny was a big fan of the chocolate fountain...cheers!

At some point, Aaron got hold of the camera, and took an eclectic assortment of pictures.


A picture of a chair...holding a fish?

And, a self-portrait (check out the chocolate on the tip of his nose):

All in all, a good day had by all.


  1. The boys and I were sorry we couldn't come up, too. It sounds like it was great, and a wonderful weekend, weatherwise.

    I also really liked Aaron's pictures, and I'm really intrigued by the picture of the chair holding the fish. The boy has good taste in subjects.

  2. I too like the fish chair. Chardy said she liked the fiery taste the wine. I've only had it once.