Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Little Leprechauns

My little leprechauns have been very busy this week! They have been crafting (out of all imaginable materials) a very elaborate Leprechaun Hotel in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! What they have made is truly a little miniature work of art. See for yourself.

The Golden Shamrock Hotel:

The "Rooftop Room" (check out the little chest of drawers made of matchboxes):

The Complete Leprechaun Complex:

The Rainbow Room:

The Leprechaun Hotel (Aaron's Addition - notice the little ladder at the bottom):

Interior shot of The Golden Shamrock:

Sailboat for the Pool:

The Waterpark:


A Bedroom:

To show gratitude for all their hard work, this big Leprechaun left a pot o' gold chocolate coins for my little Leprechauns to find after school today.

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