Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kitchener (Stitches) and Sock Summit

Every now and then, I take a peek at my world map below to see where my blog visitors are coming from. And, I noticed that there is occasionally a visitor from Kitchener, Ontario (it happened again just today). Now, if you are a knitter, you know why this particular visitor always pops out at me...yes, the dreaded Kitchener stitch required to complete a pair of socks. Just when you think you are finally done, you still have that bit of tedium to complete before you can wear and enjoy your socks.

But, in this case, I always like it when the Kitchener visitor pops up on my map, because I like to think of this visitor as happily knitting socks while reading my blog. And, today, it was particularly nice, because I just returned from the Sock Summit in Portland, OR. Imagine an entire convention center filled with nothing but knitters and yarn. Perhaps that isn't your idea of fun, but for me it was seventh heaven.

In actuality, of course, who knows who the Kitchener visitor is or why s/he visits the blog. Perhaps they don't even knit! But, I thought I would dedicate this post to all sock knitters out there...those lucky enough to make it to the Sock Summit, and to those who were with us in thoughts! (Trust me, we bought enough yarn for everyone...)

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