Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Summer in Haiku

My kids have been giving me grief that I have been so lax updating the blog lately, but we've been having too much fun this summer! So, I thought the kids and I would review the summer's events -- and to make it even more fun (and short), we would do it in haiku. So, here goes (in chronological order):

First Skiing of the Year at Timberline Lodge (May, 2009):
Skiing in powder
Swimming in the deep blue pool
Then Ginny threw up.

Annual Father's Day Camping Trip (June, 2009):

Father's day camping
It was so perfectly planned
Rained out - no can do.

4th of July:

Saved money for months
Oh glorious explosions
Zipper didn't run

Timberline Skiing for Tim's Birthday (July 7, 2009):

One day skiing trip
Met Guinness record holder
Skied til the runs closed

Snow Lake Camping Trip (July, 2009):

Hiking in and out
A great first trip for Aaron
Didn't fall down cliff

Camp Howard (July, 2009):

Camp Howard was cool
Canoeing and archery
The pool was fun too

Trip to England (July, 2009):

First hour - car broke down
Two silly pictures were drawn
Saw Harry Potter

Redwoods Vacation (August, 2009):

Giant trees, cool seas
All cliff climbing on the beach
Hanging with good friends

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