Monday, June 14, 2010

Never Doubt the Wisdom of a 10 Year Old

So, I have written about the culinary skills of my daughter before...but she once again has amazed me. Yesterday, I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies (with ground oatmeal and lovely bits of dark chocolate) and, as usual, after they were done baking, I was lamenting the fact that my cookies ALWAYS turn out flat as a pancacke (or as my son pointed out, even flatter than a pancake...thanks for that, buddy)...

Anyway, my daughter chimes in, "Well, you should have used baking powder instead of baking soda!" Of course, I (who always follow recipes) reply, "But, the recipe doesn't call for baking powder - it called for baking soda." So, she gives me this knowing, ok, don't trust me, but your cookies will ALWAYS turn out flat.

So, today, my DH brings home a new can of baking powder, and I think, this is the perfect opportunity to test Chardy's theory. Without further ado, we mix up a batch of Gingersnap Molasses cookies, but this time, using baking powder instead of the called for baking soda.

Well, wouldn't you know??! These were the tallest, roundest, un-flattest cookies you have EVER seen! Perfection!*

Moral of the story: Never doubt that your kids can be better cooks than you.

*It probably didn't hurt that Alli put in an extra tsp of baking powder by accident!

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