Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Honor Choir

There is perhaps nothing sweeter than the sound of a children's choir. Last Saturday, Alli, a few of her classmates, and about 100 other kids from 17 different regional schools, participated in an Honor Choir.

Alli's favorite song was a piece called "Journey". Although beautiful by itself, the story associated with it is equally beautiful. As you may know, following the Korean War, North and South Korean families and relatives were separated from each other for decades. Daughters and sons not seeing their mothers or fathers; brothers and sisters separated for lifetimes. But, in 2000, North Korea offered a brief window of visitation as a result of the "Sunshine Policy" era.

A choir invited from New York sang "Journey" at one of those reunions:

'Tis a gift to be simple; 'Tis a gift to be free
'Tis a gift to come down where you ought to be
And when we find ourselves just right
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight
When true simplicity is gained
To bow and bend we shan't be ashamed
To turn turn will be a delight
Til by turning turning we come round right
Going home, going home I am going home
Going home, going home; never more to roam
Though the road has been so long, now I'm going home
To the place I belong - I am going home.

We didn't have our regular camcorder, but still, ignore the blurry picture and take a listen.

As I said, beautiful.


  1. Love this song,
    I'm singing it in my music class at school and It's lovelly with the boys doing one voice and girl other...
    anyways, u got the music sheet for it?

  2. That sounds like a wonderful idea -- wish I could hear it! I don't have the sheet music for it, since my daughter was just given the words and a CD to learn the music. But, they still did a great job.