Friday, April 25, 2008

Cherry Bobble Socks -- Warning: Makin' It Up As I Go...

I am making these socks up as I go using the Bobble Rib stitch from the Harmony Guides “Knit & Purl” Stitchionary.


As you can see, I have decided to use the "two socks at a time on circular needles" approach. After the last 7 week hiatus to complete a second sock due to SSS, I think it is high time to commit to a.l.w.a.y.s. knitting both at the same time. An added benefit is that you are guaranteed to have two perfectly matching socks. Otherwise, one of them always seems to end up wider/shorter/longer/narrower/etc than the other...

In case they turn out well, I’ll be writing up the pattern as I go, so I can share it! So, for anyone that wants to follow along, here's the pattern so far:

Cherry Bobble Socks

Size: Medium Ladies (7-8)

2 circular US 2 needles (I used Addi 16" and 24" so I could easily tell them apart)
Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino Yarn 420 yds/4oz hank (Cherry color)
Tapestry Needle, Scissors

No traditional gauge yet, sorry! But, 28 sts in Bobble Rib pattern should equal approx. 2.25". [Note: I hate making typical Stockinette Stitch gauge swatches, because (1) I really want to just make my socks, (2) my socks aren't in SS, and (3) I feel it is the gauge in pattern that counts the most.]

To Make Bobble (MB): (p1, k1) twice into next st. Pass the first 3 sts, one at a time, over the 4th st.

CO 56. Divide onto two circular needles (28 on each). The first needle will become your heel needle; the second holds the instep stitches.

Round 1: *(p5, k3)* repeat** til end of round.

[Note: Here's what you'll end up with on each needle. Needle 1: (p5,k3) 3 times ending with p4. Needle 2: p1, k3, (p5,k3) 3 times. 28 sts on each needle.]

Repeat Round 1 until cuff measures 1" (or until desired cuff length)

Round 2 (Begin Bobble Pattern): *(p2, MB, p2, k3)*. Repeat ** until end.

Round 3-5: *(p2, k1, p2, k3)*. Repeat ** until end.

Repeat Rounds 2-5 until leg is desired length.

Begin Heel Flap on Needle 1...

As you can see in my pic above, I'm not there yet, so the pattern can't go there yet either! Will update asap.

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